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【经典速递】 《Home》

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Home,is very warm,it can relieve people in the winter chill, to bring comfort to the soul. CAI Xukun's new single "Home" is a public charity song dedicated to the epidemic. We have experienced a lot in this winter.With wuhan unsealed, the angels in white who were fighting against the epidemic came back home safely. Home, what a warm harbor, bearing the dreams of many people, in the anti-epidemic period to think of home is a relief! Let's listen to CAI Xukun's "Home" feeling warm!


Home is very heartwarming. This song is really healing. From the beginning of the music box admission, as if to see the smile on the children's faces, is carefree childhood.Although the epidemic disturbs people's peaceful life, children also become afraid to play. But with the efforts of all of us, we are striving to live with hope, and this beautiful home has returned to tranquility. A smile returned to the child's face.


The creation of "Home" was inspired by a chord played by CAI Xukun when he was playing the children's piano beside him. He adopted the form of both Chinese and English, and used the common language to convey the most simple "great love" full of healing energy, regardless of national boundaries or ethnic groups to the world. "Let's look at the stars high in the sky.Believe that there's no limit." Standing in different corners of the world, we are looking at the same sky; People with different skin colors also breathe together under the nurture. This no smoke "war epidemic", our hearts are closely linked together.

Home》的创作灵感,来自某日蔡徐坤敲奏身旁的儿童钢琴时,弹出的一段和弦,采用了中英文双语的形式,用共通的语言,把这份饱含治愈能量、不分国界不论种族的至简“大爱”传递给这个世界。“Lets look at the stars high in the sky.Believe that theres no limit。”站在世界不同角落的我们,都仰望着同一片天空;拥有不同肤色的人,也都在自然的养育下共同呼吸。这场没有硝烟的“战疫”,我们的心紧系在一起。

The song "Home" is an ideal projection of a better tomorrow for the whole world, as well as a good wish to a friend who is going through hardships. The lyrics to "Home" end with: "Hope and love, never gone. Sunshine will disperse the clouds. Don't be afraid to be lonely. There's always home." After 76 days of silent and great "war against the epidemic", Wuhan, after a long separation, has been restarted. And hope and love have always been with us, never gone.


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